What’s the Deal with a Higher Power?

October 5, 2023

Okay, so what's a "higher power" anyway? You may ask. A higher power is a force, being, or idea bigger than ourselves. 

Think of a higher power as that big thing or idea beyond yourself. It could be God, the universe, nature, or even just the feeling of love. This power is a source of strength, hope, and inspiration. It's that comforting force you might lean on when the chips are down.

Life's a rollercoaster, right? There are those super low points where you just need a bit of a boost. Connecting with that higher force can offer some much-needed backup. It's like having an invisible cheerleader that's got your back, no matter what.

What's the Deal with a Higher Power?

Ancestors Watching Over Us?

You know, there's this wild idea that's been around forever that our ancestors – like, the ones who kicked it way before we did – are still with us in some way. Not like spooky ghost stories or anything, but more like they’re hanging out in the background, giving us a nudge every now and then.

Tales from History

Okay, so if you look back through the pages of time (yeah, cheesy, I know), you’ll see that pretty much every culture has stories about ancestors sticking around to give a helping hand. Think about it: they went through all the messy stuff of life before we did. So, it kind of makes sense that they'd want to drop some wisdom bombs on us, right?

The Connection We Feel

Alright, be real with me for a sec. Have you ever just had this feeling about something? Like, you’re about to make a decision, and outta nowhere, you get this vibe? Some peeps reckon that’s our ancestors whispering in our ears. Not literally, of course – but it's like they're putting in their two cents about our choices.

How They Guide Us

Imagine you're about to do something, and suddenly there's this voice in your head going, "Whoa, maybe think that through?" or “Go on, give it a shot!” Maybe, just maybe, that's a little cosmic counsel from your great-great-great-granny. They've seen the world, faced its ups and downs, and now they're like that friend who's always got killer advice, even if they’re a few centuries late to the party.

Higher Power Guiding Us

Why This Belief is So Widespread

It's kind of comforting, right? Thinking that there's this team of people, your very own bloodline, who’ve got your back from the other side. It's no wonder this idea pops up all over the globe. We all want to feel connected, to think our family is always with us, cheering us on. Plus, it’s like having this built-in safety net; if you goof up, maybe it's because you weren't really listening to Uncle Bob from the 1800s.

Feeling the Connection

Whether you buy into it or not, it's a pretty heartwarming concept. Maybe next time you're faced with a tough choice or you're feeling a bit lost, take a moment. Close your eyes, tune in, and see if you can feel that ancestral vibe. Who knows? Maybe there’s a whole crew up there, having a little party every time you win at life.

Steps to Discover Your Higher Power

Discover Your Higher Power

1. Finding Your Quiet Place

In the rush of our daily lives, it's easy to get lost in the noise. Taking some time out in a serene spot can help in centering oneself. Maybe it's a little nook in the house that's been set up for relaxation. A couple of cushions, a soft blanket, and some candles can transform a space.

Spending just 10 minutes in this haven every morning can help to clear the mind and set a calm tone for the day. This simple act of finding a quiet place can be a first step in connecting with a higher power or inner peace.

  • A corner in a room filled with cushions and lit by candles where one sits every morning, breathing deeply and reflecting.

2. Tuning Into Feelings

Music, art, and even day-to-day experiences can evoke strong feelings. These feelings, especially the ones that resonate deeply, can be signs pointing toward a higher power. It might be a specific song that stirs emotions every single time it's heard, drawing one into a state of reflection.

  • A particular piece of classical music that, when played, leads to an overwhelming sense of connection and introspection.

3. Sharing Stories

Opening up about beliefs or even uncertainties can be enlightening. This act of sharing and listening, be it with friends, family, or even strangers, can offer new perspectives. An afternoon spent discussing faith or old family stories can ground someone in their roots and provide insights into their beliefs.

  • An afternoon dedicated to discussing familial tales and traditions, leading to a deeper understanding of one's roots.

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4. Stay Open to Learning

The world is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and beliefs. By being open and willing to explore these, one can gain a broader perspective on the concept of a higher power.

  • Participating in a cultural festival where the dance, music, and shared values provide a fresh view of spirituality.

5. Cherish the Silence

There's something magical about silence. It allows for introspection and connection. A daily routine, like a walk in the park, can be transformed into a spiritual ritual by simply taking a few moments to sit in silence and soak in the surroundings.

  • A daily walk in a local park where sitting on a secluded bench and absorbing the natural sounds leads to a deep sense of connection.

6. Nature's Magic

Nature's magic

Nature, in all its splendor, can offer some of the most profound spiritual experiences. The vastness of a mountain view or the rhythmic sound of waves crashing can serve as reminders of something bigger.

  • A weekly hike to a mountain peak, where the expansive vistas make one feel a part of something vast and magnificent.

7. Discover Through Stories

Stories, be they written or spoken, can bridge the gap between cultures, times, and beliefs. Through them, one can gain insights into different ways people connect with a higher power.

  • A book filled with spiritual tales from various cultures, shedding light on diverse paths to connection.

8. Express Gratitude

Acknowledging the good, the bad, and everything in between can shape one's perspective. By being grateful for these moments, a deeper connection to the world and perhaps a higher power can be nurtured.

  • A nightly routine of jotting down three things from the day, fostering a habit of gratitude and reflection.

9. Simple Rituals

Rituals don't have to be elaborate. Even small, daily acts, when done with intention, can be pathways to connection.

  • Lighting a scented candle every morning, setting an intention for the day, and taking a moment to reflect.

10. Hearing Other Voices

Every person's experience is unique, and listening to these stories can offer fresh ways of thinking and connecting.

  • Attending a community talk where a speaker delves into their personal spiritual experiences, offering listeners a chance to see things from a new angle.

11. Go at Your Own Pace

Finding a connection to a higher power is a deeply personal experience. It's okay to take things slow and explore at a pace that feels right.

  • Not getting swayed by others' certainties but instead allowing oneself the time and space to explore beliefs organically.

What Does a Higher Power Do for You?

Guidance in Tough Times

Imagine being lost in a dense forest, and there's a voice or a feeling inside you that tells you which way to go. That's what many believe a higher power does for them. It's like an inner compass when things get tricky. For example, when making a tough decision, some people might take a quiet moment to ask for guidance and suddenly feel a pull towards one option over the other.

Strength to Push Through

Life throws a lot of curveballs. During these tough moments, many find an unseen strength that helps them push forward. This strength can feel like it's coming from something greater than themselves. For instance, someone struggling with a big challenge might find the motivation to keep going, believing that their higher power is with them.

Finding Peace and Comfort

Stress is a part of life, and sometimes things get overwhelming. But imagine having a safe space inside your mind where you can go to find calm. Many people believe that their higher power offers them this sanctuary. Just by taking a few moments to connect with this force, they feel more peaceful. Like after a long, stressful day, sitting in a quiet room and focusing on that connection can make everything feel a bit lighter.

Feeling Loved and Valued

Feeling Loved and Valued

Everyone wants to feel special and cared for. A higher power can make someone feel cherished, even if they're alone. There's comfort in the idea that there's something out there that values you just as you are. It's like having a friend who's always there, cheering for you.

For example, if someone's feeling down or overlooked, just the thought that their higher power sees and values them can lift their spirits.

Purpose and Direction

Without a map, it's easy to wander without a clear path. But many believe that a higher power gives them a sense of purpose. It's like having a guiding star. When they're unsure about their path in life, they might reflect on what their higher power might want for them. Maybe someone's feeling stuck in their job, but after some reflection, they decide to volunteer on weekends, feeling it's a path their higher power set for them.

Connection with Others

Believing in a higher power can also create bonds between people. It's like having a shared secret or being part of a club. When two people believe in a higher power, they often feel connected, even if they're from different parts of the world. An example is when people meet at a community service event. Their shared belief in a higher power can instantly make them feel like old friends.

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Seeing the Bigger Picture

When things go wrong, it's easy to get bogged down by the details. But a higher power can help someone see beyond the moment. It's like climbing a hill and seeing the landscape from above. Maybe someone's car broke down, and they're feeling upset. But then they think of their higher power and realize there's a bigger plan. Maybe the breakdown stopped them from being in a traffic accident later on.

Growth and Personal Development

Everyone has flaws. But instead of being harsh on oneself, thinking of a higher power can be a reminder to grow and become better. It's like having a coach who's always pushing you to improve. Someone might realize they have a short temper. Instead of feeling bad about it, they think of their higher power and work on being more patient, seeing it as a way to grow spiritually.

A Source of Inspiration

Creativity can come from many places, including a connection to a higher power. It's like a spark that can light up your mind with ideas. An artist, for example, might feel stuck and out of ideas, but after some meditation or prayer, they might feel inspired to create something beautiful.

Believing in a higher power can be a game-changer for many. It offers comfort, guidance, and a sense of purpose. Whether it's through moments of silence, reflection, or even with others, this connection can be a beacon in the ups and downs of life.


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