If you are a gay man with multiple partners - great! You're probably good at flirting, and talking

When we talk about love between two men, we're diving into a world that's rich with emotion, depth,

Loving who you are and being proud of it is a fundamental aspect of living a fulfilling life.

I met my "daddy" during a summer internship. On paper, he was everything most would envy - a

Sweet Death, a term that refers to a sudden death during sexual intercourse. It can happen to anyone

Well, hello there! Today I'm going to talk about how something as simple as the words we use

Why is being gay a valid expression of masculinity, you may ask? I know some of you might

If you're an older gay man looking to step back into the dating scene, I'm here to guide

"The Trans Agenda Is An Average Life Expectancy." Have you heard that phrase before? First off, what does